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Chanukah Bingo Game in Collectible Tin

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Do we hear BINGO? Menorah shaped Bingo pieces and beautifully designed cards make Chanukah Bingo the ultimate party game (up to 6 players per game). A favorite game for kids (and adults) of all ages, packaged in a collectible tin.

Dimensions & Details

5.15" l x 1.40" w x 7.25" h
0.65 lb

Facts & Features

  • A timeless Chanukah Bingo Game for Adults and Children. 2-6 players. Collectible Tin!

Care & Contents

  • 6 Bingo Boards, 16 Dreidel Calling Cards and 60+ Chips in a Collectible Tin
  • Game Set Up: The first time you play, separate the calling cards from the perforated card sheet. Place all the calling cards in a bowl and designate one of the players as the Caller. Give each player a handful of dreidel chips and a Bingo board.
  • Game Play: The Caller selects a calling card and shows it to all the players. Players look at their boards and find the matching picture. If they have a matching picture, they cover it with a Dreidel chip. The game continues until at least one player gets a row of dreidel chips on his Bingo board (across, down or diagonal). That player then calls out "BINGO!" to signal that s/he was won.

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