Chanukah Foam Art

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Let's get fun and foamy with this creative 3D foam art kit! Budding artists simply place stickers on the corresponding artwork on the included board, and then add foam shapes above for a striking 3D effect!

Dimensions & Details

7.60" l x 0.01" w x 10.30" h
0.02 lb

Facts & Features

  • This multi-colored Menorah and Dreidel scene really “pops out” as a creative activity Chanukah parties and as a fun-filled gift.! Match-by-color to create a masterpiece with easy stick-on pieces, bright colors, and unique 3-D designs. With simple instructions, anyone can add a little pop of Foam Fun to all 8 nights of Chanukah playtime.

Care & Contents

  • One 3D Foam Fun Chanukah Poster

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