Item EMJ-11-NV

LED Navy Metal Electric Menorah w/ 4 Lighting Options

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Elegance meets modern design with the latest technology! This Low Voltage Menorah sports a unique design with LED bulbs that shine brightly. Features push-button sequential lighting PLUS unique extra functions such as chasing & blinking lights, for extra holiday enjoyment!

Dimensions & Details

1.20 lb
8.50" l x 2.50" w x 9.25" h
9.75" l x 2.75" w x 9.75" h
Color Box
1.41 lb
1.45 lb

Facts & Features

  • Bring the lights of Chanukah into your home safely and conveniently! Contemporary Matte Navy Finish Safe & Easy to Use

Care & Contents

  • 9 LED lights
  • UL Listed AC/DC Adapter (for US and Canada)
  • Using the power button: 1. For MANUAL SEQUENTIAL lighting function, press button once to light the first night (middle bulb/Shamash and first bulb on the right will light). Press button again to light one additional bulb for each night of Chanukah. 2. After all bulbs are lit, press button for BLINKING lights function. 3. Press button again for CHASING lights function. 4. Press button once more to operate AUTOMATIC SEQUENTIAL lighting function.

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